Cordoba 15CM Ukulele review

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There are many choices out there when you are looking for your first ukulele.  Do you want a small soprano model or do you want a large baritone sized ukulele that looks more like a guitar than what you imagine when you think of a ukulele.  Mahogany, cedar and spruce are the most popular among the dozens of types of woods you’d want to consider when looking to buy your first ukulele.  Each wood offers a different type of sound and build quality.  Are you interested in playing live at venues?  You might want to consider an acoustic-electric ukulele that you could plug into an amp then.


The Cordoba 15CM is a concert-sized ukulele that fits right in the middle of the various sizes of ukuleles.  It is constructed of a mahogany wood top, back and sides and offers a Rosewood bridge and Ivoroid binding.  It comes with nylon strings that will be easier on your fingertips as you learn how to play.  However, you’ll have to buy your own tuner and case for your ukulele because the Cordoba 15CM doesn’t come with any extra accessories.


Some common problems with ukuleles in this price range are issues with tuning, intonation and action.  Fortunately, the only problem I’ve run into with this ukulele is with its tuning.  Initially you’ll find yourself having to retune this ukulele fairly often but this isn’t uncommon especially with nylon strings.  After a week or so you’ll notice the Cordoba 15CM holding it’s tune much better!


At its price point of $100 it offers unbeatable value for both beginners and experts alike.  You’ll find yourself grabbing the instrument from the side of your couch and playing it often throughout the day.  The build and rich sound that comes out of this instrument makes it worthy of a price point of twice its listed MSRP. 




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